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Hey buddy. This is Tushar from expert captain and If you are thinking of choosing digital marketing as a career and want to know, is digital marketing a good career in 2021 for you in the long term, then I am here to help you. 

digital marketing career

Before moving ahead let me make this thing very clear for you, 

Yes, digital marketing is a very promising career option in 2021,

but you need to choose things very wisely. 

Don’t Worry, till the end of this article you will know for sure, from all the subdomains of digital marketing which one to choose and which ones to leave as per your interest and payscale. 

So, let me answer your first question, is digital marketing a good career in 2021? 

Let’s move to the first point,

Job Availability

So let’s analyse the number of jobs available on linked, 

As of september 2021, On LinkedIn there are 34,660 digital marketing jobs available in India.

digital marketing jobs on linkedin

If I check for jobs posted past week, then it comes to 5,254 Digital Marketing jobs , which I think is huge.

digital marketing jobs on linkedin

If we look into, there are 81,596 Digital Marketing jobs available for India.

digital marketing jobs on

Now from this data one thing is very clear, that there is no scarcity of digital marketing jobs in India.

Now moving to our next point, 

Future of Digital Marketing

Let me tell you one very simple thing, In India, only 3 to 4% of businesses are online till date. 

Just Imagine, when those remaining 97% businesses will come online, how much the demand for digital marketing will grow.

So, if you are thinking of choosing digital marketing career path then for next 10 years you don’t have to worry about anything.


Salary into digital marketing varies according to the subdomain you choose. 

So, let me explain the subdomains to you, so that you will get a clear idea about the type of work and salary insights. 

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO deals with ranking of website pages on Google. There are 3 job types in this. 

SEO Executive: 

Work – Backlinks, Keyword Position checking, Creating SEO audit reports, Creating Monthly SEO reports.

SEO Executive Salary – 12k to 17k depending upon the skills and company requirements.

SEO Analyst / Sr. SEO Executive:

Work – Guide SEO executive, Backlink analysis, Creating and analyzing SEO audit reports 

Sr. SEO Executive Salary – 25k to 30k depending upon skills and company requirements.

SEO Specialist

Work – Guide SEO Team, Manage complete project execution, Client Communication, Creating a roadmap for each project, Finding guest post outreach opportunities, etc.

SEO Specialist Salary – 30k to 60k depending upon skills and company requirements. 

Social Media Marketing

This field deals with handling social media channels like instagram, linkedin, twitter, etc. 

Work – Creating content for social media, making content plan for social media channels, creating hashtag strategy and posting content. 

Salary – Salary for social media manager ranges from 20k to 60k Rs. per month.

PPC Advertising / Search Engine Marketing

This field is all about creating, strategizing and managing ad campaigns on various platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Taboola, etc.

There are again two profiles in it. One for the beginner and one for the Specialist.

PPC Executive- PPC executive creates and manages the Ad campaigns under the direction of PPC or Ads specialist.

PPC Specialist – PPC Specialist creates strategy for ads, creates execution plan, guides junior ppc executive, creates A/B testing strategy, analysing existing campaign, calculating ROI, improving ROI for existing campaigns. 

Content Writing

Content Writers create long form content for blogs, articles, newsletters. 

They write content to engage, nurture the readers through the path of sales funnels. 

Content writers have very high demand in market at this moment. 

There is a very high earning potential in this field, provided you should have good content writing skills and understanding of brand’s requirement. 

Salary of a normal content writer varies from 20,000 to 60,000 per month. Income from the content writing can be increased further if you have excellent storytelling, persuasion and copywriting skills. 


Let me tell you this is the most in demand skill nowadays. 

Copywriter’s job is to get sales through his copies. 

While content writing focuses on engaging and providing value to their readers, copywriting focuses on selling the products to the customers. 

Work – Copywriters write content for landing pages, social media channels, newsletters, etc, where the direct goal is to convert the reader into the customer. 

Isn’t it interesting? 

The most interesting part of copywriting is the income which you can generate through this.

Copywriting is nowadays picking up in India, 

Yes, some take copywriters lightly

But, many businesses know the value of a copywriter and they are ready to pay any amount for them.

In India as per my knowledge,

You can start your career from 40,000 per month and there is no upper limit to it. 

If you go for foreign countries then you can charge upto 20 to 25 dollars per hour. 

Which means you can earn 12,000 rupees in 8 hours only. Which is huge. 

Disclaimer: These salaries mentioned come from my personal experience. Salary of a digital marketer does not limit to this, if you have what it takes then you have no salary bars. You just need to be confident and demand according to your value because digital marketing career path is demanding but at the same time in demand also. 


So, If you ask me “is digital marketing a good career in 2021” I will say it is far better than traditional fields, In terms of salary, job satisfaction, long term career. 

I will keep updating this article if I find anything new and interesting so

do comment below, this will mean a lot to me. 

Its tushar from expertcaptain, signing of for now. I will meet you in my next article. Bye bye.

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