How to do Digital Marketing for Restaurants

How to do Digital Marketing for Restaurants | 10x your Restaurant Business.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants | Attract tons of visitors daily

Are You Worried About Your Restaurant’s Future Growth? Do you want to know, How to do Digital Marketing for Restaurants?

Use these amazing strategies to 10x Your Restaurant’s Growth.

Google My Business – Best way to promote your business in your area.

Let’s Suppose you live in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and you are searching for a restaurant nearby,

how will you find it?

You will open Google and search for “restaurant near me” or “restaurant in [your location]”.

Google will show you some restaurant listings on top of search results and you will go to the one which has high ratings, good reviews and attractive photos. 

Isn’t It correct?

So, this same is applicable for your business too.

If you list your business into Google My Business and Optimize Your Listing Properly then your customers will start seeing you on top of the search results.

Instagram – Powerful platform to nurture your existing customers and attract new customers.

Instagram Marketing for Restaurant Business

Instagram is like your virtual restaurant. 

The better you showcase the more customers you will attract eventually !!

You can post your restaurant photos, dishes, customer photos, customer reviews, fun moments, events, festival vibes, discounts, etc. 

One Pro Tip – See what your competitors are doing and do better than them. 

Don’t take Instagram lightly, reply to the comments and messages of your customers. Try To Build Personal Connect With Them. 

Give them a reason why they should come to your restaurant and should not go somewhere else. 

Get a Beautiful Website Designed for your Restaurant and do SEO for it.

Here’s one pro-tip, which very few people are implementing in the restaurant business.

Get a beautiful website designed for your restaurant.

but, why do you need it,

the answer is, to nurture your customers.

You can post blogs and recipes of different food varieties which will attract food lovers to your blog. Along with your blogs, you can promote your offers and delicious food varieties on the sidebar as banners.

Food blogs will establish your restaurant as a trusted brand.

Further, you can optimize your website to rank on the google search page in your local area. The technique used for this is called Search Engine Optimization.

You can hire an Experienced SEO agency for this, it will help you to rank your website on google search results.

As your website gets ranked on Google, people will start reading your blogs. Constant engagement with your blog will build your credibility in people’s minds. people will choose your restaurant before trying any other restaurant.

User Generated Content is the Key.

User Generated Content is the best way to market your restaurant.

Your content should hook your customer. 

You should invent innovative ways like Quizzes, QnA, Did you know facts, fun facts which will make you stand out in the crowd and will attract your customers to engage with your posts. 

Host photo contests where your customers will post their photos while enjoying their favorite meals at your restaurant. 

Give 5 to 10% discount to the people who participate in this contest. 

Post these contests and their photographs on your social media handles, this will help to generate more engagement by your audience.

This way you will reach more people and eventually your restaurant will look more trustworthy compared to your competitors. 

Outreach Technique – Invite Travel Vloggers and Food Bloggers for a Free Meal 

Invite Travel Vloggers to your Restaurant.

Travel and Food Influencers have their own following. 

Serve them well and they will influence more people to try your restaurant. 

Influencers are X factors for your restaurant. 

No one likes to try an unknown restaurant, people ask their friends, relatives and in our case “ The Influencers” to guide them to the best place. 

Partner Up with Delivery Service Providers – (Zomato, Swiggy, etc.)

Tie Up with Delivery Service Providers.

Nowadays ordering food online has become a trend. Most people prefer online food over walking to restaurants.

This is why many food delivery providers like zomato and swiggy have entered the market. These food delivery providers like Zomato don’t cook by themselves, so they need food makers.

So you can make them as a channel to supply your food and get benefited indirectly. 

Start Your Online Delivery Services

Start Online Delivery Services at your restaurant.

This is the most underrated yet most powerful tool to grow your restaurant business. 

If you see the recent trend, people don’t want to step outside of their houses and they want their favorite food at the comfort of their homes. 

After Covid, the online food deliveries have ramped up sky high. 

This will provide your customers ease to get your food whenever they can’t come to your restaurant. If you will not provide them this service then they will look for other options, which will gradually eat your business. 

We hope this article on “How to do Digital Marketing for Restaurants“ helped you.

Comment below which strategy you are going to apply in your restaurant business.

Target Local Audience with Ad Campaigns.

In the case of restaurants, the main customers are local customers. so why market all over India.

In such cases, Google Ads and Facebook Ads help you to target local customers. By doing local advertising campaigns you can nurture and attract your existing and new audience both.

The best time to run ads is on festivals and special occasions. You can create an irresistible offer to attract your potential customers at the time of special occasions. At this time people are already in a party mood. You just need to put exciting offers and discounts in front of them and they will surely choose you over others.

Google Ads can help you easily rank above all your competitor’s websites. While SEO takes time to rank a website but ads are instant play.

Build a strong presence over review websites.

Many people watch your restaurant ratings and reviews before buying from you, so make sure that your restaurant is listed on these restaurant review sites and the reviews and ratings on your restaurant are good.

You can list your restaurant on the following sites like TripAdvisor, eazydiner, magicpin, traveltriangle, dineout, swiggy and timeout, etc.

Some other techniques

  • Create an app and give exciting cashbacks to your app users.
  • Use automated SMS services to promote your cashback offers and discounts instantly to your customer base.

If you want personal consultation on how to implement these strategies then connect through

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do restaurants need digital marketing?

Yes, restaurants surely need digital marketing in 2022. The reason is very simple. You cannot market and sell to many people on your own. Digital channels help you to reach those people and attract them to come to your restaurant through reviews, offers, ratings, and attractive social media pictures.

Why is digital marketing important in restaurants?

Amongst the huge competition amongst the restaurants, the one which will build its presence online and engage its audience online will be the one most preferred by people. Nowadays people living in big cities don’t have time to manually ask for reviews from people around, they don’t have time to try each and every restaurant to figure out which one is better. Therefore nowadays people check reviews and ratings online and then visit that restaurant. This is why restaurants need digital marketing more than before.

What attracts customers to a restaurant?

There are 3 things which attract customers to the restaurant.

  1. Good Social Media Posts: Social media is proven to build trust and attract audience from a very long time. Beautiful food pictures and videos act as super powerful magnets to attract customers to try these dishes.
  2. Social Media Engagement: If your restaruant is highly engaged by people on social media handles then it gives signal to other customers that your restaurant is trustworthy and serves good food and ambience to the custoemers.
  3. Reviews: Reviews from Google, Zomato, Swiggy, Social Media handles matter a lot whenever a customer decides to go to some random restaurant which he has never tried before. Geneuine reviews attract customers more than anything else.

How do I advertise my food?

You can use SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing and Google or Facebook ads to target your local audience. They all work like charm. You can create your own app where you can promote your exclusive discounts and offers only for app users.

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