Free Business Listing Sites In Ahmedabad in 2021

What are the business listing sites and why you should take them seriously?

free business listing sites in Ahmedabad

Well, let us understand business listings with one simple example.

Imagine someone wants to buy bulk stock of best quality clothes on cheap rates and he is looking for the best supplier in the city.

Now consider there are 1000 clothing suppliers in that city. how will he know which one to choose?

He will have to visit 1000 suppliers to identify one best suit for him.

Manually going to each business and checking them will actually be a lot of hardwork for him.

So, this is where business listing directories come into picture.

Like a phonebook, where you can find all the important phone numbers of the city or a state.

Similarly, when a business owner registers his business on some business listing directory or a website, his business will start showing up to the visitors on that website.

If the business listing directory is famous then there is a high chance that many people will be visiting that directory every day.

So, if your business starts showing on top results of that directory, means there are very high chances that people will prefer you and choose to buy from you.

free business listing sites in Ahmedabad

The business listing sites are categorized in two types

1.  Paid Business Listing Websites – These websites charge money for listing your business on their business listing directory website.

Most of these websites offer yearly or monthly plans, which means they list your business for limited period only. 

2.  Free Business Listing Sites – In this category, some directory owners are very big players so they let you list your business for free. For eg. Google, Bing Places

Some business listing websites are new and have low to medium authority so they let you list your business for free.  

No monthly or yearly plans, once you create your business listing, it remains permanently on these platforms.

Here are some free business listing sites in Ahmedabad, which are 100% working and tried and tested by us.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s own product. This business directory comes amongst the top Free business listing sites in India in 2021. The obvious reason is because google is the most used search engine in the world. 

Creating business listing on google my business is pretty easy, just follow what google says. 

This directory unlike the other free business listing sites in Ahmedabad has a power to get you tremendous amount of local customers in your area.

Domain Authority: 100

Website: Google My Business

Link Type: Dofollow

2. Bing 

Although google is the most used search engine but still bing cannot be underestimated. Bing still has lot of user base more than that you can imagine. So do use this in your favor.

Domain Authority: 51

Website: Bing Places for Business

3. Yalwa

Yalwa is yet another general category business listing website. If you are looing for free business listing sites in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and any of the major cities in India then yalwa has got all the cities covered. 

It allows all types of business listings. 

Domain Authority: 32

Link Type: Dofollow

Website: Yalwa

4. Enrollbusiness

This one is also one amazing option because it gives you option to place your business maps location with your business website. 

It is India only business listing website.

Domain Authority – 46

Website: EnrollBusiness

Link Type: Dofollow

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is yet another best business listing platform, where you can list your business, put the address and provide email for your customers to contact you. If you are into B2B field then LinkedIn is a goldmine for you.

It works perfect for both an Indian and foreign business listing. 

Here you can write blogs to nurture your audience and also you can post recent updates to notify your audience about your business. 

Domain Authority – 100

Link type – Nofollow

Keep checking our website every week, because we are going to update this Free business listing sites for India 2021 at the end of every week. 

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