Best High DA Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022

Social Bookmarking Sites are nothing but the social media sites like facebook, Tumblr, etc which allow users to link their blog posts, pages or a website with their social posts.

Social Signals are the most underrated yet game changing factor to influence Google Rankings.

In 2022, Google does not only check Dofollow links but it also considers direct traffic from social sites and social signals while ranking a website.

Although many social bookmarking sites in 2022 provide nofollow backlink, still, because of their High authority and Large Audience base they surely help to increase authority of your website in the eyes of google.

Some of the top social bookmarking sites in 2022 are crawled for multiple times daily by google crawlers, Social bookmarking helps newly pubsished blogs to index and rank faster in google search results. 

Social bookmarking sites list

Here is the list of Most Popular High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2022. 


Let’s start with the elephant in the house. Facbook being the very old and most used social platform is a very good option for social bookmarking. 

The link you get is of Nofollow type, but it is still worth the efforts because of its high authority and a strong user base. 

You can post images, text and links along with your current location which make your bookmarks more relatable.


It is again a very big platform to bookmark your website. You can add upto 140 to 145 character description along with image and a link. 

The relevant hashtags and regular posting can make you reach more audience. The more the likes and shares the more you receive social signals for your website. 


80% of its audience are Women and 20% of them are Men. Pinterest plays very important role in peoples buying decision of people in United States. 

Pinterest is mostly the Image based platform and it allows you to link your uploaded image with your website or blog post. 

Pinterest posts rank on google and if you optimize them correctly then there is a high chance that your post also can rank on low competition keywords. 


It is again another good image submission website. here you can directly post the images through your blog link. It is the fastest bookmarking website. Also when you use their chrome extension, you can directly bookmark your images without leaving the website.


Here comes the best free social bookmarking site. The major advantage of this website is that it gives dofollow link. 

It offers 2 options either you upload the image and upload the text below or you can directly put the link in the description and it will automatically fetch the featured image. 


Pearltrees has a DA of 84 and it gives do-follow link. 


This social bookmarking site has DA 86 and it gives do-follow backlink. 

Social Bookmarking Mentor 

This website has low DA but it provides do-follow backlink. It can be your go to option if you are starting off. 

To bookmark your website you will need to select the webpage icon, just paste the blog url fetch the complete article and its links too.

We will keep updating the list so keep checking our Digital Marketing Blogs.

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